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First of all, I'd like to thank you for finding my website, and for taking time to read what I have to say. Your effort is much appreciated!

My Name is Kate. K8 Morgan. And I am a Dominatrix...

I believe in quiet elegance, politeness, good manners, personal integrity, Oxford commas, and understated style. I appreciate fine dining and fine thinking. I have a penchant for the Arts, Classical literature and erudite conversations. I speak four languages; five, if we were to consider the dead ones. 


I enjoy telling Thinking Men what to do (not to be confused with telling Silly Men what to think, which I enjoy not).


And I will invariably hold you to a much higher standard than you are used to.

I apply the same high standards and "understated elegance" approach to all my work, be it FemDom video clips, sessions, tours, even phone conversations. And you should expect every interaction with me to be both highly satisfying and reassuringly expensive. However, if the sole interest of your today's visit was to book a session with me, I am afraid I have to disappoint you: I have stopped accepting new clients in 2019.


Heartbroken as you may feel right now, not all is lost: I continue to be an active producer of my unique brand of Elegant FemDom Clips, their stock is updated regularly and remains very popular. I recommend you to take a look, even if just out of curiosity. Please click here to be redirected.

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