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I am sure by now you are more than familiar with the SESTA/FOSTA legislation that came into force in the US in 2018. As it often happens with any legislation, it brought on some expected and unexpected consequences. One of those expected consequences has been a cull of FemDom accounts across Social Media platforms, and that, in turn, created an unexpected opportunity for impostors to set up plenty of fake accounts using stolen pictures of real Dominatrices, with the aim to defraud potential clientele. 


In this light, it is important to remember that the best way to contact your FemDom Idol is, and will always be, following instructions listed on her website.  If you have not contacted your respectable Mistress through her website but engaged in some shenanigans with an obscure new Instagram/Twitter account bearing her photos and which has reached out to you first, claiming to be looking for new slaves -- chances are you are pouring out your kinky fantasies to a fat hairy bloke in Albania, and at best will just get scammed, and at worst you will get blackmailed into sending money to some account that sponsors terrorism or sells kiddie porn. Explaining that to the authorities will be trickier than you think.  So, caveat emptor! 


To read more about ways to stay safe online and recent scam trends, please take a look at my detailed Tumblr blog post .  And in case you DO want to chat to the fat hairy dude from Albania and get scammed, below are some examples of where you can reach him:

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Public Service Announcement! 

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Below is a collection of links to reputable FemDom directories. In this day and age of post-SESTA/FOSTA advertising scene revival it is often up to us to help people know where to find established service providers. Many of these directories include international listings, too. You are welcome!