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Booking a session with me is a simple and straightforward process. You fill out the form as fully and precisely as you can, and wait for the answer. I try to get back to everyone within 2-5 days, but if I am travelling or on a Private Tour it may take longer. After a significant security upgrade to guarantee maximum discretion and plausible deniability to my clients, the response from me will come as a state-of-the-art encrypted business email address with my availability, the conditions for booking, and the ways to make a booking deposit.  


ALL clients are expected to pay a non-refundable booking deposit, deducted from the overall session fee, therefore same day bookings are very rarely available. Please click here to read more about your options in regards to deposits.


If you have questions about what it actually takes to serve me, what happens in a session, how to address me properly, how to email, what I consider proper booking etiquette, and alike, please check out my Video Blog here. It is a paid subscription, but I think it will be really helpful to all my prospective clients. 

To book or request an Online Session, please use the contact form and put "Online Session" as type of session.

To book or enquire about a Private Tour, please put "Private Tour"as type of session.

To book a Lunch date/Dinner date + session, please put "Lunch or Dinner date session" as type of session.

If you want to ask me on a "free date" -- please read THIS. Read it twice, if necessary.

IMPORTANT: If you have not contacted me via this form, and if you have not received information and deposit instructions as a response to THIS FORM -- you were not talking to me but to a scammer, of which there are plenty. The only way to book a session with me is via this form!

If you feel you must speak to me before emailing me to book a session, below is a button to my pay-per-minute phone line. I find that the princely rate really encourages a brief and on-point conversation, but at that rate I am happy to discuss with you anything from the climate change to your recurring dreams of being chased by giant doughnuts...