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Once upon a time, in a Galaxy Far Far away, there was a contact form on this page -- a free and simple way for anyone to reach me.  But my growing popularity in the world of FemDom brought along an increasingly inconvenient amount of irrelevant inquiries.  Since my client base was already sufficiently strong, keeping this contact form felt unnecessary. 

But what if you chance across my website, and decide that my approach is exactly what you have been looking for?  How can you get in touch with me?


Should this event occur, you can use the iWantClips form below to send me a tribute, including your email address in the "message" section. I will reply within 48 hrs.


And no, there is currently no other way for you to reach me. If you are talking to "me" on some social media account -- you are getting scammed. Good luck with that!

I am happy and proud of my current client list. IF I am to expand this list further, it will be by adding someone who can appreciate this concept of email hygiene, privacy, discretion, mutual respect and quality over quantity approach. 

If you have questions about my sessions, or want to know what I think about different fetishes, what is my view on various BDSM subjects, and alike -- please check out my Video Blog. There is a subscription fee, but I think it will be really helpful to all the prospective clients. 

If you feel you must speak to me before reaching out, below is a button to my pay-per-minute phone line (when available). I find that the princely rate encourages a brief and on-point conversation, but I am happy to discuss with you anything from the climate change to interest rate setting policies of central banks. 

Yes, I do realise that all the ways to contact me are now behind a paywall, and it is neither an accident nor an oversight.


Think of it in a good old snail-mail fashion, and ask yourself one question: if you don't think the message you want to send me is worth the stamp you have to put on it,  perhaps it is best to leave that message unsent?

P.S: If the sole purpose of your contact is to request a "free date" -- please read THIS. Read it twice, if necessary.