I am NOT the droid you are looking for. I have closed my books to new clients in 2019, and retired from RL sessions in 2020.  Since then, I exist solely online, and only offer rare audeiences as a grand and exceptional favour to my Top Clients whom I know well and deem to be worthy of such an honour, and at the rates that make it worthwhile for me and painful for them.

If you wish to follow my continuing journey as a FemDom Pensioner, to know what I have been up to, what is currently going on in my life, and what are my new FemDom releases and projects, please join my private Telegram Channel by clicking the logo below. (I am currently at my desired level of followers, this link will become active if/when somebody leaves. Free entry is now on the 'one in -- one out' principle, but if you feel you absolutely must join -- please request your personal invitation link via AVN).


My Telegram Channel does not give you an option to speak to me, and you can only interact via taking part in my occasional polls, but should you wish to chit-chat, confess your sins or ask for advice -- reach out to me via NiteFlirt. You can call, or use its quaint little DM chat system, if you are too shy to speak or need some silent treatment.  Phone lines open whenever they do (or don't!), and it is first-called first-judged principle. I do not accept advanced bookings for these, and if I am in a call or unavailable due to doing something else -- you will just have to wait until the next time you see me online. I reply to most messages that include tips within 12 hrs. 

And, as always, please enjoy all my FemDom clips! Due to recent censorship episodes and prohibition of certain content on the usual platforms, my biggest collection of FemDom clips is now hosted on AVN, and all my new releases will start landing there mid-June 2021. It is also a place to order your custom clips, should bespoke content be your thing.


A smaller selection of my clips in somewhat limited categories remains available on iWantClips, Clips4Sale, and NiteFlirt.

Like my clip work, but don't want to interact or own any of the clips? Then you should consider joining my JustForFans. It receives two of my full length clips per week, which will each disappear after 7 days. There will be no PPVs, but also no custom clip orders, no online session requests, and no chit-chat. So a great way to sample my ample collection, without being poked and prodded.  Consider it as a Clip Library...

And no, there is currently no other way for you to reach me. If you are talking to "me" on some social media account, or worse -- on some randomly provided phone number somewhere -- you are getting scammed and/or catfished. Good luck with that!