Once upon a time, in a Galaxy Far Far away, there was a contact form on this page -- a free and simple way for anyone to reach me.  But my growing popularity in the world of FemDom brought along an increasingly inconvenient amount of irrelevant inquiries.  Since my client base was already sufficiently strong, keeping this contact form felt unnecessary.


This removal pre-dated the Great Quarantine of 2020, and even Covid-19 itself.  It is highly unlikely to re-emerge in near or distant future.

But what if you chance across my website, and decide that my approach is exactly what you have been looking for and you have the means to impress me?  How can you get in touch with me? The only way to do so right now is to join one of my two Fan Sites. Or to become one of my top 3 customers on IWC.


Keep in mind that even to be considered, you will need to have spent north of $1000 on me already, be it in clips, tributes or gifts listed in my Fan Sites. By which point I would have reached out to you myself, not least to say "thank you for your support!" and provided you with necessary contact details. So, no need for you to worry your pretty head with silly questions like those. 

Still feel that it is too long and arduous a process, and want to become my Best Friend Forever now now now!? Very well. Bellow is a button to contact me, handy, fast and simple to use: fill in the payment details, send $1,000 and include your email address in the note. I'll be in touch. Until then, so long!

And no, there is currently no other way for you to reach me. If you are talking to "me" on some social media account -- you are getting scammed. Good luck with that!

©2020 by Mistress K8 Morgan

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