In the words of Obi Wan, I am NOT the droid you are looking for. As I have mentioned on my landing page, I have retired, moved to a charming little fiscal paradise to fully embrace the life of a FemDom Pensioner, and now for all but the few very exceptional mortals I exist solely online. 

I also do not have a "fan site". Spending my time, money and effort to bring traffic to somebody else's platform, while simultaneously risking all that effort being wasted due to another bout of censorship or platform deletion, in hope of a chance to entertain a rowdy crowd of people who think I owe them a kidney because they have spent, on average, less than a price of ONE of my clips per month does not make much sense to me, as anything, be it a hobby or an income stream. It is NOT exactly my idea of fun, nor are these the kind of people to whom I wish to have exposure.


The only window into my current life is my Private Telegram Channel. It serves the same purpose as a Fan Site, but it is far superior, if I may say so myself.  Fully private, most secure, and with ZERO censorship. You can see my day-to-day life, travels, adventures, work projects, new releases, behind-the-scenes clips and pictures, thoughts -- even full length RL Session clips (the ones I have removed from ALL clip platforms!) -- and anything in-between. In a form of a handy and discrete APP, not associated with NSFW content. To join, you MUST have a Telegram account. You can download the Telegram APP from Google Play or Apple Store.


There is a one-time subscription fee of $300, paid through clicking the button below and processed by IWC. A simple filter I use to make sure that you are the right kind of a consenting adult. Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive your own unique, single use access link to join for life, or for as long as you deem fit. 

If you want some FemDom training, you can book an Online Session -- Phone or Video, via buttons below, held via Telegram or Skype. The lengths are 30 min or 60 min, and the prices are listed on the buttons themselves. I am usually able to accommodate Audio sessions within 48 hrs, and Video sessions within 72 hrs, but a more advanced notice is always appreciated.

And after my VERY long hiatus, I am now available for Custom Clip orders again. You can order an Audio Custom Clip, or a Video Custom clip, either 10 min or 15 min, in my usual subject range, including Popper, Intox and Hypno themes. Prices start from $100 for a 10 min Audio Clip, and from $180 for a 10 min Video Clip. I aim to deliver all clips within 2-3 weeks, sent directly to you via Telegram or NiteFlirt, NOT via IWC as these topics DO NOT meet their "acceptable content" criteria. It costs $10 to inquire about ordering a custom clip, please use the button below and use the comment section to state your case. And yes, this method stops 99.99% of the "simply curious" from wasting my time.

You may also reach out to me via NiteFlirt, now and again. You can call, or use the chat system when my lines are on.  I do not accept advanced bookings for these interactions, and if I am in a call or unavailable due to kite surfing, skiing, hiking or simply enjoying life -- you will just have to wait until the next time you see me online. I do aim to reply to most messages that include a tribute within 24 hrs, and I ignore all free emails automatically.


And, of course, please enjoy all my FemDom clips, a selection of which is  available on NiteFlirt,  iWantClips, and Clips4Sale.

And no, there is currently no other way for you to reach me. Think of it for a second -- if I am not willing to accept people FOR MONEY, why on earth would I waste my time chasing "personal slaves" online for free?! So rest assured, if you are talking to "me" on some social media account, or worse -- on some randomly provided phone number somewhere -- you are getting scammed and/or catfished. Good luck with that!