In the words of Obi Wan, I am NOT the droid you are looking for. As I have mentioned on my landing page, I have retired, moved to a charming little fiscal paradise to fully embrace the life of a FemDom Pensioner , and now for all but the few very exceptional mortals I exist solely online. 

The only window into my current life is my private Telegram Channel. Beside clips, it is my favourite work project right now. It is free, and I update it a lot, but it is by my personal invitation only, and that is extended solely at my own discretion. If you catch my eye in a good way and if I think you might benefit from being added to it -- I might invite you... 


Should you wish to speak to me, to show appreciation, discuss a fetish, or ask for advice -- please reach out to me via NiteFlirt. You can call, or use the chat system.  I do not accept advanced bookings for these interactions, and if I am in a call or unavailable due to kite surfing, skiing, hiking or simply enjoying life -- you will just have to wait until the next time you see me online. I do aim to reply to most messages that include a tribute within 24 hrs, and I ignore all free emails automatically.


And, of course, please enjoy all my FemDom clips! Due to recent censorship episodes and prohibition of certain types of content on the usual platforms, my biggest collection of FemDom video and audio clips is now hosted on NiteFlirt, and the more risque clips are sent out to my NF and JFF clients as Pay Per View emails. So, make sure to become a client if you want to have access to those. A smaller selection of my clips in somewhat limited categories remains available on iWantClips, and Clips4Sale.

Like my clip work, but don't feel that NiteFlirt is quite enough? Then you should consider joining my JustForFans space. Some of the perks include limited edition  PPVs, opportunities to be invited to my Telegram Channel, options to apply for online sessions, but no custom clip orders, and no chit-chat

And no, there is currently no other way for you to reach me. If you are talking to "me" on some social media account, or worse -- on some randomly provided phone number somewhere -- you are getting scammed and/or catfished. Good luck with that!