As a lot of my kind readers would have noticed, I have been spending the Great Quarantine of 2020 in Madrid, and as anyone following the news would know, this is one of the worst affected cities in the world, unfortunately. But it seems that the tide is passing, and that restrictions will start to be gradually eased out, which is good news for everyone and anyone.

And I am guessing this is why in the last week or so I have started getting quite a few FanSite subscribers who seem to have subscribed specifically to try and book a session with me in Madrid. I am not sure why they think they can?

If it is to be supportive, and out of concern for me and my financial state, thank you, but you needn't worry. ALL my bills and expenses are covered fully and abundantly, with my passive income alone. That means I can fall into a coma for a month and I will still make enough for my cosy lifestyle. 

If it is because they think that they now can book a session with me, for €100, or maybe even a €50, because it is crisis and because I therefore must be desperate, then please hold my drink while I laugh hysterically.

But it is most likely that because COVID-19 has thrown everything into disarray, they just do not know and are not sure what the New World Order will be like, and I think it is not just them, but a lot of us, too. 

So let me clarify a few things that I can:

1) If you had to join a FanSite to try and get my contact details, you are clearly NOT a client of mine. Real Life Sessions were, and will be ONLY AVAILABLE TO MY EXISTING CLIENTS. As a fan, you can apply for any of the online offers listed in my pinned posts, on my fan sites, or you can gorge on my ever-growing clip collection, but that is it. 

2) I will be more than happy to see my existing international clients at the first opportunity, I do miss them and my Michelin dinners and five star travelling with them. When will that be, I do not know -- but I will be there when the gates open! As always -- how, when and where -- will remain a private arrangement and not a matter of public knowledge or discourse. 

3) I still intend to come and visit my Congregation in Paris once international travel resumes to a manageable level. And, as usual, if/when that happens, my Paris boys will receive a personal message from me, telling them when I intend to be in Paris, and when I can see them. It is likely that I will raise requirements for my Paris boys, but that remains to be seen and calculated and will depend on future costs involved in travelling. 

4) I have closed my books to new clients in 2019. I have seen my last "new client" in 2020, but he has booked in 2019. I will continue seeing him. Anybody else who wants to one day become a client of mine as a matter of exception, is now a subject to a minimum online spending limit of $5K before any discussions can take place.  It can be done via clip purchases, via tips, or via gifts and gift cards (the email to which the gift cards should be addressed will be listed on my Fan Sites promptly). Before that minimum is reached, your access to me will be online only, and seldom urgent.

5) The Great Quarantine for me has been good: I have spent it in good health, without much personal drama, and very productively. It has given me a few new cathartic ideas about the future direction of my work, and room to toy with them and think them through. Those will be announced in due course.

And last, but not least, I would like to thank my fans and clients, for being there for me not just financially, but emotionally, socially and intellectually. This was truly the case of "ask not what your Mistress can do for you, but what you can do for your Mistress!" And you came through, and delivered! From online companionship, to ability to discuss varied topics, to treats and gifts, to entertaining memes -- you have made this Quarantine feel more like a Christmas holiday than a solitary confinement! I have spent 8 weeks alone with my cats, but I was never lonely... Thank you! You have made me proud to have you, as clients, as friends, and as fellow humans!