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"Date Me"... is the second most common request I used to get, after actual session inquiries. (Third most common request used to be for “bobs and vagene” pictures, while I still had the free contact form. I have removed it in 2020). It makes me wonder what exactly on my website or social media screams “single and looking”?! But you have clicked on the menu button, so for one reason or another, you are curious...


I am an independent, educated, worldly, gregarious, infinitely interesting, attractive and solvent woman with many a story to tell and wisdom to share. I also have a very exotic job, have lived across the globe and can stand my own ground.  I can see how this is inspiring curiosity in men to see whom, if anyone, I would consider dating.


Curiosity, though, is one thing. Writing to me, as a complete stranger from the Internet, treating Google search engine as your personal dating site, to actually ask me out, with an expectation of a positive response, and in firm belief that you are the first and only person to whom it has occurred to do so, ever, in the last decade, and that I should feel blessed and overjoyed, even though you are not kinky and think the lifestyle is a deadly sin -- but now that you have written to me I will change, and I will drop everything to become your wife-cum-housekeeper and take care of you and you alone. Oh my god if it weren’t for YOU I would have perished, an un-loved virgin left out on the shelf… #happy #crying #blessed -- THAT is a profoundly impressive kind of lunacy.  Let me tell you one thing: a Nigerian General needing to transfer lottery winnings into my bank account has a higher chance of getting that positive response. And his chances are catastrophically small...


But let’s suppose, for a minute, that after reading all this, you got interested in dating me and want to ask me out. Before doing so, please PLEASE ask yourself: Are you a millionaire? Have you climbed Everest? Have you invented carrot cake? Do you have your own hedge fund? Do you fly fighter jets for work? It may look like I exaggerate for effect, but I don't -- those are some of the guys I had turned down or divorced before.


Dating me might be possible for the right candidate and under right circumstances (those circumstances include hell freezing and pigs flying). It is both costly and difficult. Paraphrasing the Bible (and yes, I can do this without bursting into flames), it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a stranger to get me on a date. Keep that in mind. And, please read this.

My April 1st post about this page on Twitter has caused such a disturbance in the Force that I have decided to start a blog,  A Thinking Man's Dominatrix and How to Date One. Click on the hyperlink to read it.