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Gifts of the magi

 Thank you very much for checking out this page, it is indeed most kind of you! And I feel flattered that you have considered treating me to something nice. But in this day and age of what can only be described as endemic consumerism, I think it is time for me to buck another #DommeTrend and say "Thank you, but I do have more than enough, of everything!"


Having moved to a new home in 2021, I have fully embraced Luxurious Minimalism and Slow Living. Now I practice it in all aspects of my life, including FemDom. Minimalism is not just about what you let go of, or what you keep. It is in equal measure about what you choose to bring into your life, and into your space. Every single thing or person in your life demands attention and takes energy from you, so I have become very particular about it.


Do I still receive gifts? Yes. But such privilege is now reserved for those who have been doing it for years. Should you still wish to make a grand gesture, please consider making a donation in my name to one of these charities:

Animal rights and welfare are causes very close to my heart, and unlike me, the little guys in the care of these charities can always do with a bit more stuff, a bit more food, a few more treats. And Come Back Alive foundation supports efforts of Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression.


So, please consider donating, and thank you in advance!


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