Thank you very much for checking out this page, it is indeed most kind of you! And I feel flattered that you have considered treating me to something nice. But in this day and age of what can only be described as endemic consumerism and over-consumption, I think it is time for me to buck another trend and say "Thank you, but I do have enough, of everything!"


Should you still wish to make a grand gesture, please consider making a donation in my name to one of these charities:

Animal rights and welfare are causes very close to my heart, and unlike me, the little guys in the care of these charities can always do with a bit more stuff, a bit more food, a few more treats. So, please consider donating, and thank you in advance! 

And, my silly Christmas Amazon wish list with all kinds of Sci-Fi, DC and Marvel-themed whimsy will be available again in December...


©2020 by Mistress K8 Morgan

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