But what are the options available to my clients, and why do they want to keep them open?


As some of you may already know, back in early 2019 I have changed my modus operandi and upgraded my professional offer to include Dinner Sessions and Private Tours, as in joining some of my clients on paid trips, as an experiment.


My hypothesis was that our needs within BDSM are not limited to our current fetishes, and they are not static, they are fluid -- not only do they grow and change through time, they also fluctuate both throughout the day/week and throughout our moods. 

A year later I can say that my hypothesis was correct. 

Opening up my books and my schedule to prioritise fewer, but longer, more personal sessions has allowed me a very interesting insight into the fluidity of my own, and of my clients' interests. For "true believers", BDSM is not a sudden "urge" that happens once in a blue moon after some dodgy cocktails. It is our innate need, and it is ever-present, in one form or another, in every day of our lives. Some days, the need is so strong only a long, immersive session will do. Other days, a stern voice-note would do the trick. Sometimes, what you'd really enjoy is an in-depth discussion of your fetish over a pleasant dinner. And then, there are days where what is needed is a trusted person hearing out your grief-du-jour over a late night drink... 

Our kink needs grow, they change, they evolve. Trying to satisfy them with the one-size-fits-all session approach can work for a bit. But there inevitably comes the point where one-size-fits-all becomes one-size-fits-none.  And what happens then?

In the worst case scenario, you will decide that your dwindling interest in the very same session/scenario that you have attended over and over again means that you are getting "cured" of kink, you will re-christen yourself as a purely vanilla boy, ignore your inner voice, make reactive relationship choices and a year down the line end up painfully unhappy, clinically depressed and in a major identity crisis. I have seen and heard it happen before, not once, not twice, but with worrying frequency.

In the best case scenario, you will come across my website somewhere, read this page and at the very least think about what it says. Not even in the sense of trying to book a session with me, but in a sense of your own kink needs and BDSM journey. What I offer is not for everyone, and it is not right for everyone.


I provide my clients  with consistent and continuous highly personalised BDSM attention, ranging from chats to voice-notes to sessions to dates to private holidays, online, in real time, or as a combinations thereof. Each one of us is different, at different stages of our lives, and each one has different needs and different means available to them.  

Such attention is time-, thought- and resource-consuming, and it cannot be given to anyone who asks, not even if they are willing to pay for it. To avoid perjury to my own well-being, I can accommodate maybe six clients per any given month (or year, as all but one of my clients have been with me for over a year, and most over two-three years), and only some of them for real time sessions or private tours. (In comparison, when I was offering Retail FemDom sessions my personal best was six clients per day.  Six per day vs six per year. That is how dramatically different my services are now). And I think in this modern age my offer is probably the closest you can get to full-time submission without compromising your social standing.

And, as always, should your fame and reputation precede you, I will be more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement form, with you directly, of with your legal representative.

©2020 by Mistress K8 Morgan

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