Welcome! I've been expecting you!

My Name is Kate.

Kate Morgan.

And I am a Dominatrix...

I think we both know why you are here: you either do not know me at all, and were looking for a Dominatrix; or you do know me, and would like to know me even better. The idea that you were looking for holiday destinations and "accidentally" came across this site is as silly as the explanation that you slipped on the wet kitchen floor while naked and "accidentally" fell butt-first on a carrot. (As an FYI, the carrot should go in the other way around. You are welcome!)


Let me enlighten you about myself, then, starting with why I have such a fascination with Schrödinger's Paradox. As a  devout sapiophile in my mid-30s who has a penchant for finer things in all aspects of life, I have a keen appreciation of anything extraordinary and transcendent of time, cultures, fields and disciplines. I don't know if you can tell from my blog posts, but thought experiments and theoretical pursuits are some of my favourite pass-times, and Data and Statistics are a definite fetish for me. My "beautiful mind" enjoys seeking out patterns, traits, divergences and similarities in all subjects it finds interesting, and creating metaphors where most people see none.  


To me, the famous Schrödinger's Cat Thought Experiment is just that time-and-discipline transcending curiosity, the finer thing in Physics. Everything about it is amusing, from the infinity of puns to the history of its creation and subsequent interpretations.  Erwin Schrödinger himself has made it up to ridicule the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, saying that if you apply subatomic principles to larger systems it just becomes silly, and that the theoretical cat, in reality, is either dead, or alive. Later on, some newer interpretations have accepted the possibility of the cat being both dead and alive at the same time, and some took it even further: the cat remains dead in one universe, and alive in the parallel one, without those universes ever overlapping, and it has been a cauldron of theories ever since.


(The experiment story reminds me of the mid-90s, not too long after the USSR collapse, when I was on a visit of St. Petersburg with my parents. We were on a tour of the Hermitage, and the guide, describing one of the works, has uttered a phrase profound in its brilliance: "The artist died some 50 years before the correct interpretation of his works." A remnant of the Soviet propaganda, no doubt! I still find it funny. And I was but a child back then, unaware of the phenomenon of "the audience creating the artist", let alone of Mr. Scrödinger, or his imaginary feline friend. But I digress...)

I see the evolution of the Schrödinger's Paradox interpretations as the perfect allegory for the usual search of identity of a kinky individual:

  • Am I just kinky, or just vanilla?

  • Can I be both kinky and vanilla at the same time?

  • Are we destined to be vanilla in one life, and kinky in our secret double life, and may they never overlap?

  • Can we know if someone is kinky or vanilla unless we ask?

  • And should we really apply principles of quantum mechanics to everything after a few drinks during the happy hour!? 

Take from it what you might, but the idea of making "Schrödinger's K8" my Social Media handle was conceived years ago, on a fine summer evening in an old Spanish bar, over some J&Ts and banter about Economics, future of block-chain tech (and that was long before Bitcoin bubble!), and whether or not the girl at the end of the bar is kinky or vanilla...

As a Thinking Man's Dominatrix, I see my role in BDSM pursuits of my clients not as a whip-wielding inanimate object inserter, provider of feet and the pretend-punisher of poor conduct -- but as that of Charon, the fearsome FerryWoman who guides the tormented and desperate souls across all five infernal rivers, deep into the Underworld, beyond reality and conscious mind. And for that, I do collect my coin. What type of coin, and how many of them, depends on the length of a journey, how much luggage is needed, and the particular Underworld destination.

©2020 by Mistress K8 Morgan

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