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Welcome! I've been expecting you!

My Name is Kate.

Kate Morgan.

And I am a Dominatrix...

I think we both know why you are here: you either do not know me at all, and are just looking for a Dominatrix; or you do know me, and would like to know me even better. The idea that you were looking for holiday destinations and "accidentally" came across this site is as silly as the explanation that you slipped on the wet kitchen floor while naked and "accidentally" fell butt-first on a carrot. (As an FYI, the carrot should go in the other way around. You are welcome!)


What now, then? As someone who strives to be distinctively original in this cliche-laden profession,  it is still my professional duty to inform you of how glorious, majestic, entitled and illustrious I am, and how you will succumb, obey,  worship, etc etc. -- but let's just both cringe now, consider that subject covered and move on.


I see my role in BDSM more as that of Charon, the fearsome FerryWoman who takes the tormented and desperate souls across all five infernal rivers, deep into the Underworld, beyond reality and conscious mind. And for that, I do collect my coin. What type of coin, and how many of them, depends on the length of a journey, how much luggage you need, and your particular Underworld destination.

Gradually recovering from the Curse of The Flying Dutchman, when I constantly travelled the world, spending probably as much time in the air-planes and airport lounges around the world as I did on terra firma,  I now tend to spend most of my time in Europe, with the slow pleasures of more familiar and homely luxuries.  For even the wicked at times need a bit of rest!  

Kink for me is not a lifestyle -- it is my Religion. It is love. It is pleasure. It is understanding. It is power... Want to feel that power over you? -- Book a session. Want to join the occult? Then give your riches to the Mistress, pick up your St.Andrew’s Cross -- and follow me! On FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.