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As some of you may already know, from early 2019 I have made some changes to my modus operandi, to reflect my growing aspirations and priorities, and to better accommodate my new interests. This current update is taking things a few steps further. Going forward, I will be offering:

  • Online Sessions

  • Individual Sessions

  • Session+Dinner/Session+Lunch

  • Private Tours

To learn what exactly those are, how they work, where they are available, what are the differences between them, and how to book them, please read below! And of course, my old clients are entitled to most of the previous T&Cs.

Online Sessions are a new offer, and still somewhat in a trial mode. For a while I have been apprehensive about offering these, but having tried them on an individual basis I have become convinced that they can be rather fun. They are available to everyone around the world, while I am in Madrid. They are not available when I am on tours. They are conducted via Skype, and require a stable internet connection. Of course, not every session can be held online, but some certainly can, like  JOI, CEI, foot worship, humiliation, to name a few. They can be booked via my Booking Form or purchased via my JFF FanSite Shop. Prices start at €4/min.


IMPORTANT: My Skype address is a very long blockchain-like alpha-numeric code, not advertised anywhere, never given out via any social media. If you did not get it via booking through this website or JFF, you are NOT talking to me, you are getting scammed.

Individual Sessions are something I have been offering from day 0 of becoming a Professional Dominatrix, across the world. They are now only available in Madrid and Paris. They are the usual, gold standard of FemDom sessions, discrete, simple, pure, straight-forward, usually 2-3 hrs each (I no longer offer 1hr sessions). It can be an in-call, or an out-call to your hotel, or to a dungeon. It is a session, a session and nothing but a session, with an aftercare drink and chat. You come (or I come to your hotel), we session, we leave happily ever after!  Booking is easy to make via Booking Form, and most of the time available session slots are assigned days or weeks in advance. 

IMPORTANT: I do not "just today I urgently offer short sessions right now because I am flying through Karachi/Mumbai/MidWest USA/Colombia/Morocco/etc., kindly do the needful and send $20 deposit here" If somebody approaches you on social media pretending to be me or another famous Dominatrix "looking for new slaves" and saying something like this, it is a scam. Our private tours usually cost thousands of dollars, our sessions cost hundreds, we are not going to chase some guy we have never met for a $20. Please use some common sense!

Session+Dinner/Session+Lunch I have started trialling this concept in late 2018, and it is something I quickly grew rather fond of. It is a slight modification on a normal session. In addition to the pleasure of a session with me, it allows for the pleasure of my company over a lunch or a dinner, where we can discuss anything from FemDom relationships to Geopolitics, Philosophy to Economics over some exquisite food and drinks. The duration of such arrangements is usually a 2hr session + 1hr lunch, or 2hr session + 2hr dinner. Once again, such sets are only available in Madrid or in Paris, and, of course, advanced booking is required not least so we could reserve a table in a pleasant restaurant.

Private Tours are the crème de la crème of FemDom services -- a tour where the lucky sub gets my full, extensive and undivided attention for the duration of the tour. This is not for the faint-hearted, but for someone who is eager to experience a Female-led relationship, TPE, or 24/7 slavery, or perhaps intensive chastity play -- to name a few of the options -- this is the ideal opportunity.  Of course, a lighter, socio-cultural option can be available, too: nice dinners, pleasant slow lunches, a museum or a gallery, maybe an opera or a wine tasting tour. As well as the now-popular "FemDom GFE" experience.


The duration of such tours starts from a day tour (8-24 hrs, in Spain only), to 2-5 days (within the EU), and 5-7 days in further destinations (islands, holiday breaks, SE Asia trips). Itineraries of these holidays from your harsh reality are deeply individual, and are reflected in the prices and the ways the payments are taken. Business trips, conferences, short city breaks are welcome. Being your guest at a family wedding or a reunion is extra, and camping requests will not be tolerated.


IMPORTANT:  I understand that a Private Tour is a commitment, both financially and even emotionally, and I do encourage you to get to know me better first, maybe through reading my blog or social media posts, or an online session, a phone call, or a session+lunch/dinner date option (most of my initial Private Tour bookings came from those options). If you are unsure whether or not you will want to book such a tour, but you wish to discuss it over the course of a few weeks, in minute detail and through very very long emails filled with details about your dreams and childhood disappointments, an appropriate gift certificate would facilitate such an undertaking. I will consider it bad manners on your part to make such a lengthy or an in-depth enquiry without it. Please press here for more info.

PATRONAGE:  "Reassuringly Expensive" is a phrase that defines well the amounts expected. It is always a considerable amount, and always above-average, sometimes painfully so.


A non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure your experience. It is an interesting observation that never once was there a problem with collecting said deposits from clients requesting the pleasure of my company for Private Tours or Dinner Dates. It is only those who could barely afford 20 minutes of my time that thought themselves too important to respect this rule. But should your indeed command the fame and reputation in need of protection, I am, and have always been, more than happy to sign an NDA form, with you directly, of with your legal representative. And if you are not willing to play by my rules -- I am not interested in meeting you. 


IN 2020, for Private Tours, I am applying a new booking process: when making first contact, include the dates, desired itinerary, and your offer for my troubles -- and let's see if we agree.